🌠meteor shower 🌠

The Geminid meteor shower – always a highlight of the meteor year – peaks the night of December 13-14.The peak time as seen from around the globe is centered on 2 a.m. With no moon, the shower is expected to be grand this year!

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we saw this shower it was fantastic we woke up in the middle of the night at 2 o clock Pakistani time.

We saw meteor shower near Orion constellation!

It is hard too see meteorite’s because they go very very fast.

we spotted 10 meteors as they passed by

it was my first time seeing the shower

it was very exciting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so much to dream

so much to deam so much to dream like getting lost at sea

so much to dream so much to dream like bathing in golden streams

so much to dream so much to dream like eating ice cream

so much to dream so much to dream like finding treasure that gleams

but right now these are all dreams

I think of space

i look out of the window and think of space

so much to learn and so much that takes place

there are galaxies and stars and so much more

i look at the planets through a telescope

i have seen Saturn a lot of times but don’t get bored

space looks end less but in Allah’s hand its smaller then a grain of sand

by me[Amna]